Weld Fitting Resources

Machine Specialty & Manufacturing stocks a large variety of high pressure heavy wall weld fittings as well as ANSI class fittings. 


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Fitting Materials

For a full listing of fitting materials please see ASTM B16.5 Table 1A - List of Material Specifications.

  • 4130

  • 4140

  • A234 WPB/C

  • A105

  • A350 Gr.LF2

  • A420 WPL-6

  • WPH Y42, Y52, Y60

Fitting Types

Reducing Flanged Fittings

Reducing Tees
Reducing on Outlet
Reducing on Run
Reducing on One Run & Outlet
Reducing Crosses
Reducing on One Outlet
Reducing on Both Outlets
Reducing on One Run and Outlet
Reducing on One Run and Both Outlets
Reducing Laterals
Reducing on Branch
Reducing on One Run
Reducing on One Run and Branch
True Y
Side Outlet Tee
Double Branch Elblow
Side Outlet Elbow