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Repair and Recertification


Boasting the latest in CNC machining, quality control, and welding, MSM is able to receive in your damaged or outdated product in a timely manner for disposition on repair needs and turnaround. Having all services under one roof allows MSM to be one of the industry leaders in quality, price, and lead time. Depending on your specific product needs, you may fall under one of the below services that typically occur during repair or remanufacture.

  • API flanges, weldments, fittings and specialty productsBlasting to base metal
  • Visual Inspection
  • Surface Magnetic Particle or Liquid Penetrant NDE
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • Skimming or rough out of sealing surfaces for weld repair
  • API flanges, weldments, fittings and specialty productsOverlay/Clad welding of Inconel 625 or 316SS
  • Pressure containing weld
  • Volumetric Inspection
  • Drift Testing
  • Function Testing
  • Hydro Static Testing API flanges, weldments, fittings and specialty products
  • Coating